42in MilSpec Flat Panel Display

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The 42-inch MILGUARD Flat Panel Display (FPD) from Rugged Science features a fanless, 42-inch 1920x1080 high definition LCD display. This ruggedized, large format display features an LED-backlight that disperses very little heat and allows for fanless operation in harsh operating temperatures from 0°F to 122°F. The LCD panel is protected with a layer of tempered glass that is optically
bonded to the panel and has a layer of anti-reflective coating for exceptional clarity and vivid contrasts. The 42in MILGUARD incorporate the latest in technological advances offering wide viewing angles for control systems that feature high information density.

The front of the display features an Infrared Multi-Touch Touchscreen that is equipped with technology that is resistant to dust, debris, and other particles that collect on the bezel. The 42-inch MILGUARD FPD comes standard with 500 nits of brightness.