OEM Tech Rep Services

Certified Service Options

NAG Service TechsOEM-Trained Service Technicians

In addition to reliable systems and products, NAG Marine constantly follows our products with OEM-trained engineering support. Our service engineers have unique training and capabilities that allow a smooth customer start-up, calibration or installation of our high technology products.

Oil Content Monitor Calibration

The TD-107 Oil Content Monitor is your final sentinel to ensure the ship does not illegally discharge oily waste to the sea. NAG Marine has factory trained engineers to perform required calibration and maintenance checks to keep the TD-107 fully compliant with IMO MEPC 107(49).

DASPOS Configuration Surveys

NAG Marine provides planned maintenance and service support of all of our DASPOS Fire Prevention Systems. Additionally, our trained OEM technicians are available to perform smoke tests as a part of the shipboard survey to provide optimal product configuration. "

Service Details

Radar TLI Startup, Oversight, & Verification

NAG Marine service engineers will provide startup and calibration on any of our products once shipboard installation is complete. NAG Marine operates as the service extension of our product manufacturing partners.

Shipboard Surveys

A shipboard survey is conducted to capture installation engineering data specific to any particular ship that has a NAG Marine system is installed. This survey is used in the development of drawings and is crucial to determining the best product for the application.

Product Training Courses

NAG Marine provides both on-site training or classroom support for all of the products the company sells. Formal classroom instruction can be customized to include theory of operation, calibration, installation, and troubleshooting. Training facilities include a full simulation station.

RWO Oily Water Separator Services

Stay worry-free and compliant with International Maritime Law IMO MEPC 107(49) as it relates to environmental protection of your RWO Oily Water Separator. NAG Marine service techs are OEM-trained, insured, and Hart and Rigsafe-certified for travel to any drilling platform in the world.