Rugged Computer Products


NAG Marine is the exclusive channel partner of Rugged Science to the US Navy

NAG Marine's line of Rugged Science Embedded Computers are designed for the toughest environments.

NAG Marine's Operator Interface Panels incorporate a rugged computer and display in a "Box-in-Box" design.

NAG Marine Panel PCs incorporate a display and embedded computer in a sleek All-in-One workstation computer.

The NAG Marine Operator Interface Computer (OIC) "Box-in-Box" design is fully approved for Shock, Vibe, and EMI.

NAG Marine shipboard computer consoles are lightweight and fully approved for Shock, Vibe, and EMI.

NAG Marine's line of portable workstation computers incorporate multiple displays in a portable suitcase.

NAG Marine's Rugged Ethernet Switch from RuggedCOM is fully approved for military Shock, Vibe, and EMI.

With sizes ranging from 10-in to 55-in, NAG Marine's Rugged Displays are fully approved for Shock, Vibe, EMI, and Nig...

NAG Marine IP67 computers are completely sealed and provide protection against water ingress to critical components....