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VEGAPULS 6X is a universal sensor for continuous level measurement of liquids and bulk solids under all process conditions. The new 6X radar combines the best of the previous VEGAPULS 60 series into one solution. Due to its application-oriented configuration and setup, VEGAPULS 6X offers a reliable and economical solution for all level applications.

The small process fittings offer particular advantages for liquids in small tanks or tight mounting spaces. The very good signal focusing ensures the use in vessels with many installations such as stirrers and heating spirals. For bulk solids under most different process conditions, the device is ideal. The VEGAPULS 6X is equipped with an encapsulated plastic antenna or a lens antenna integrated into the metal flange for this. Due to its variable antenna systems, it ensures maintenance-free operation in all applications.

With the addition of the accessory components the VEGAPULS 6x is also the perfect solution for CHT and Waste Tank Applications.