VEGAPULS 66 Waste Tank CHT Radar TLI

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This configuration of the Radar Tank Level Indicator is used in black/gray water waste tanks and is advantageous because no moving parts are within the tank, consequently eliminating the potential for failure from fouling. The radar antenna is made of corrosion resistant Hastelloy and is unaffected by temperature or gases. Calibration can be performed locally at the radar head or via a laptop PC and user-friendly PACTware software. This avoids the disagreeable and expensive task of opening and entering the ship's waste tanks.

The application areas for the radar level instrument VEGAPULS 66, which can handle the toughest process conditions, are found mainly in the chemical industry, in environmental and recycling technology and in the petrochemical sector. The non-contact radar level instrument is used in steam drums (process heat generation) as well as in mud pits, process vessels and storage tanks.