LAS-10 Oil Leakage Detector

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The main purpose with this model is to safeguard the open engine rooms or hydraulic rooms in a simple and quick, but very effective way based on the large amount of air (600m³ = 21,000ft³/Hour) flowing through the detector analyzing it for hydrocarbons in gasses, droplets or mist and to give the crew a swift alarm in order to react in due time before a fire may ignite. The developed LAS-10 All-In-One model can operate without integration with control boxes, internal alarm systems etc. This version just requires connection to own power supply and will then be ready to operate without any additional commissioning. Outputs for audio or visual signals are available and easy to connect. A proactive and unique product like no other system in the market, because it detects a problem before it becomes a big cost and issue! Dual measurement. Both oil mist and gas odours are detected before it becomes a fire with devastating consequences! 24/7 surveillance and high-quality product that is 100 percent reliable and easy to maintain.


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