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The Hot-Box Detector H-18 is a detector for mounting in the engine hot box. It is designed to protect against oil spray fires caused by gases leaking from the engine, which pose a sometimes visible, sometimes invisible and odorless hazard. Due to its installation at a location with considerable ignition hazards, the detector forms an indispensable part of an effective fire prevention effort. The Hot-Box Detector H-18 is designed for installation in engine hot boxes, with a quick release adaptor. It is designed for smaller compartments, to detect risks caused by leakages at the earliest possible state of detection. It is of crucial importance to have enough time to react. The Hot-Box Detector H-18 sensor can operate in areas with temperatures reaching up to 200°C / 392°F. The detector is easy to install, it is not affected by unintended human interference and it does not require light in order to operate. The Hot-Box Detector H-18 electronics sample and analyze the air looking for hydrocarbon leaks. If it detects any increased level of hydrocarbon, in the form of gas or mist, the Hot-Box Detector H-18 sends an early warning signal to the crew about the increasing danger. The Hot-Box Detector H-18 can be installed as a stand-alone system or in combination with the LAS-10 system. Both systems are integrated and operate in the same setup for monitoring. The Hot-Box Detector H-18 is a solution that lives up to your safety ambitions, even as the change.


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