About NAG Marine

NAG Marine

20 Years of Excellence

NAG Marine was founded in 1999 to service the automation and liquid control needs of US Navy vessels. We are headquartered in Norfolk, Virginia with operations in San Diego, Philadelphia, Washington DC, and Baltimore and we routinely service vessels worldwide. Our product model is to focus on superior technologies that save time, and cost over the entire lifecycle of the ship.

Our qualified staff has an excellent service record as a provider and integrator in the fields of:


  • Developing cutting-edge COTS products into ruggedized Mil-Spec products
  • Radar technology applied to tank level indicating
  • Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) for compensated tank level indication
  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and I/O panel design and manufacturing / Rockwell Solutions provider.
  • Rugged embedded computers, displays, operator interface panels (OIP) and all-in-one (AIO) flat panel computers.
  • Ruggedized communication network solutions / SIEMENS RUGGEDCOM provider
  • Installation oversight, startup and maintenance of radar tank level indication systems
  • Engineering drawing packages in support of product installation
  • Shipboard Fire Prevention Systems


At NAG Marine, we are proud of our exclusive OEM partnerships. We are the exclusive provider of Rugged Science™ ruggedized computers, hardware, and networking devices to the US Navy. NAG Marine also has a long-standing partnership with VEGA Americas™ as the exclusive sale and service agent of shipboard Radar and TDR Tank Level Indicators for the US Navy, Military Sealift Command, and United States Coast Guard in addition to serving the needs of commercial marine and offshore rig customers. Currently, VEGA Americas™ TLIs and TDRs are installed on U.S. Navy ships ballast, DFM, JP5, potable water, feed water, cargo and CHT systems enjoying an excellent performance record. No supplier in the world has provided more Radar and TDR Tank Level Indicators for shipboard applications than NAG and VEGA Americas™.

At NAG Marine, we provide full life-cycle support of the Radar and TDR TLI Systems we sell, which includes the powerful and reliable Allen-Bradley™ Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) from Rockwell Automation, and military-hardened flat panel computers from Rugged Science designed for use in harsh, engine room environments.  All of our technicians are OEM-trained with several years’ experience in shipboard fluid systems or electrical systems component integration, commissioning and service. Our technicians can interface and communicate effectively with planning yard engineers, NAVSEA In-Service Engineering Agents, port engineers, chief engineers, and class surveyors.

With a dedicated Quality Committee, and ISO 9001:2008 compliant Quality Assurance department active in all aspects of corporate practices and procedures, NAG Marine applies a continuous improvement philosophy to both our operations and our suite of products. Customer feedback, component commonality, obsolescence planning, and in-fleet best practices are utilized with a consultative approach to drive maximum efficiency with minimal cost.