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RWO Marine Water Technology is a world leader in shipboard fluid treatment technologies. Since 1975, RWO has specialized in water and wastewater treatment. With more than 14,000 water treatment systems sold worldwide to the best customers in the commercial marine industry, no company is trusted more than RWO for shipboard fluid systems. RWO Marine Water Technology has a comprehensive live of shipboard water treatment plants to cover fresh water, process water, waste water, and ballast water solutions. RWO's worldwide sales network of more than 45 exclusive agents ensures that ship owners and operators get the best possible service around the clock and around the globe.

NAG Marine has exclusive agreements to sell, service, and install
the RWO Reverse Osmosis, Demineralizers, and Sewage Treatment plants in the United States. All products have been engineered for shipboard environments and have excellent operational service records in various commercial fleets. NAG Marine's staff of engineers, technicians, and project managers work closely with our customers to help them choose, install, and maintain the most appropriate system to meet the shipboard need.

Seawater Reverse Osmosis
Seawater Reverse Osmosis Fresh Water Plant
RWO reverse osmosis seawater desalination systems offer independent and reliable fresh water supply. The reverse osmosis process is an advantageous way for fresh water generation – easy to operate, economic and of excellent water quality. RWO’s SRO product line covers a wide range of capacities and accessories to meet the needs of passenger, merchant and navy vessels as well as the requirements of offshore applications. Installed vessel types include Passenger Ships, Cruise Vessels, Mega Yachts, Live Stock Carriers, Navy Warships, Research Vessels and Offshore Vessels.

Ion Exchanger Ion Exchange Demineralization for Process Water
RWO ion-exchange softeners are pressure type, with either manual or automatic control. Hardness in water is caused by ions of calcium and magnesium. The grade of water hardness is detrimental for many technical applications because of its scale forming tendencies. Shipboard applications for softened water include hot water circuits, laundry water, galley water, boiler feed water, cooling water, and dish washers. Some applications require an even higher degree of demineralization than evaporators, reverse osmosis or softeners may provide. Ion-Exchanger plants demineralize water to the highest standards.

RWO Ship Sewage Treatment Plant WWT-LC WWT-LC Biological Sewage Treatment Plant
The RWO WWT-LC Biological Sewage Treatment systems are type tested and approved in accordance with IMO resolution MEPC 159(55), which is required for all new systems installed after January 1st 2010. The units are compact skid mounted with all necessary accessories for easy startup and operation. The WWT-LC Shipoard Sewage Treatement systems are suitable for both blackwater and greywater systems. Vacuum systems and grease traps are also available. The units are delivered Plug & Play.

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