NAG Marine Tank Level Indicators

NAG Marine is the exclusive provider of the Ohmart/VEGA line of tank level indicators (TLI) for all shipboard measurement applications. These ABS approved instruments offer the most reliable and accurate system for shipboard liquid level or dry cargo measurement and have an excellent service record in commercial fleets around the world. NAG Marine offers the entire line of Ohmart/VEGA measurment technologies, including radar, guided microwave, ultrasonic, capacitive, and hydrostatic pressure instrumentation lines. These, as well as a full line of point switches for liquids and solids, allow NAG Marine to provide one of the most complete ranges of shipboard tank level measurement solutions in the industry.

For over a decade, NAG Marine has supplied, installed, and calibrated thousands of Ohmart/Vega tank gauging instruments on a wide range of sea-going vessels. No other company has more experience or expertise in helping a ship operator choose, design, or install the most appropriate tank level indicator for a specific application. Whether the application be fuel, cargo, ballast, oil, sewage, or waste tanks, NAG Marine can provide and install an Ohmart/VEGA tank level indicator for the job.


Tank Level Indicators
Ohmart Vega Radar Tank Level Indicators
Radar Tank Level Indicators
Radar technology is used for continuous, non-contact level measurement of liquids or solids. Operating on microwave pulse technology, Ohmart/VEGA systems offer a choice between C-Band and K-Band frequencies. Available with cone, rod, and sanitary antenna systems, along with process fittings from simple thread and flange connections to special solutions. Radar tank level indicators have no moving parts and never come into contact with the liquid or solid in the tank.

Time Domain Reflectometers for Interface Level Guided Microwave Tank Level Indicators
Guided microwave radar (TDR) technology is used for continuous level measurement of liquids, solids, or liquid interface. Available with rod, cable, and coaxial antenna systems, along with process fittings from simple thread and flange connections to special solutions. Once initially configured, the gauges will never need to be recalibrated, and will never experience 0 point drift or fluctuations due to specific gravity, temperature, dust, or pressure.

Hydrostatic Pressure Tank Level Indicator Hydrostatic Pressure Tank Level Indicators
Ohmart/VEGA offers systems to measure both process pressure and hydrostatic level. With the unique CERTEC ceramic cell, application conditions such as high vibration and corrosive materials are easily measured in pipeline, tank, and HFO applications. Designed to measure pressure or level applications, this series of instruments provides reliable measurement in a variety of mounting configurations and systems.

Vibrating Point Level Switches Vibrating Point Level Switches
Ohmart/VEGA offers point level measurement for liquids or solids using vibration- based technology. Available in tuning fork style for liquids, and solid rod or fork style for solids, these sensors detect the presence or absence of the measured material. Operating on a principle of Piezo vibration, the VEGASWING vibrates the fork at the end of the sensor. When the fork is covered by product, the frequency of the forks vibration changes. The VEGASWING 60 detects this change and triggers a switching command.

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