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Fresh Water and Gray/Black Water

Fresh water is an essential commodity on a ship. It is stored in separate dedicated tanks. Depending on the type and size of the ship, different amounts of fresh water are required for drinking, for personal hygiene as well as for cleaning. The amount of water stored in the tanks can be from 50 to 400 tons and depends largely on whether the ship has a desalinization plant. Direct electrical measuring principles are mandatory for level measurement. Waste water, called gray/black water, is treated on large ships in on-board clarification plants, or stored in special gray/black water tanks to await final disposal.

Black/Gray Water Measurement
Due to the large concentration of solids and the changing density of the tank contents, non-contact measurement with ultrasonic technology qualifies well for this application. The VEGAPULS 66 Waste Tank Radar is resistant against the corrosive gases in the tank and requires only a G 1½ threaded mounting boss as process connection.

Fresh Water Measurement
Flanged directly onto the tank, the VEGABAR 64 measures the level reliably and accurately. Materials approved for drinking water and a front-flush diaphragm form the basis of a flawlessly hygienic measurement. The rugged sapphire-ceramic diaphragm withstands chemical as well as mechanical cleaning.