Oily Water Separator
  Position and Draught

Draught, Trim and List
The most important shipboard measurements are the measuring points for calculating draught, trim and list. Ship safety depends heavily on accuracy and reliability of the tank level indicators. Using the transmitted values from the different measuring points, the load master, as part of the cargo control system (CCS), can determine the exact values of ship orientation and draught. Usually, two measuring points forepeak and two additional measuring points afterpeak are used.

Reliable and Accurate
VEGAWELL 72 pressure transmitters ensure reliable and accurate measuring results. The encapsulated stainless steel housing in protection class IP 68 and IP 69K provides reliable protection against external moisture for the electronics and measuring cell. The rugged sapphire ceramic measuring cell can withstand pressure shocks up to 60 times higher than the nominal measuring range and is characterized by high resistance to corrosion.