NAG Marine
  alarm indicators

Monitoring the Bilge
Every motorized ship has a bilge well, which is a space between the floor of the engine room and the bottom of the ship. A water/oil mixture collects in this space at the lowest point of the ship. The mixture is then separated into water and oil by an on-board skimmer and demulsifying unit, otherwise known as an oily water separator. After passing through various cleaning processes, the water can be pumped out to the sea. The bilge de-oiling equipment is controlled by level switches.

Engine Monitoring
Due to safety and environmental considerations, oil and fuel lines of the main engine and ancillary units are continuously monitored. The level in the oil drip pan or collecting vessel is also monitored in order to detect possible leaks. The VEGASWING 61 vibrating level switch is mainly characterized by its small and compact design. The small dimensions allow mounting in practically any place or position. Foam, bubble formation and viscosity do not affect the switching accuracy – VEGASWING 61 is thus an ideal solution.