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Ship Biological Sewage Treatment RWO WWT-LC Biological Sewage Treatment System

RWO WWT-LC Biological Sewage Treatment System

Schematic and Discharge Limits
WWT 3 Biological Sewage Treatment RWOWWT-LC Biological Sewage Treatment System

Technical Data and Options
The RWO WWT-LC waste-water treatment system operates in a 3-chamber process. The technology is based on the well-established and proven Moving-Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) process, in which organic matter is degraded into carbon dioxide and water by microbial activity. The oxygen required for this process is generated by an integrated blower which has the dual purpose of stabilizing biomass and preventing dangerous gases such as methane and hydrogen sulfide from forming.

The wastewater flows from the Bioreactor into the Clarifier compartment, where residual solids are separated by sedimentation, then returned to the Bioreactor compartment. The treated wastewater then flows into the Disinfection compartment where a chlorine-based disinfection chemical is added. The clean and hygienically safe water can now be pumped overboard using the discharge pump (controlled by level sensors in the disinfection tank). A special neutralizing agent called LC-35 is dosed prior to the discharge pump to ensure that it meets limit values set for chlorine content. Treated excess sludge, much reduced in volume, can be discharged or collected in an external tank. The biomass retained by the MBBR process ensures that the sludge discharge does not interfere with the performance of the plant.

Customer benefits:

• Approved and certified according to IMO-Resolution MEPC.159(55)
• Most compact design, small dimensions
• Delivery as plug and play unit, ready for operation
• Fully automatic operation, easy to maintain, low operation costs
• Suitable to treat black and grey water or black water only
• Vacuum systems and grease traps available.
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RWO WWT-LC Sewage Treatment Plant Contact
RWO WWT-LC Sewage Treatment Plant Contact
RWO WWT-LC Sewage Treatment Plant Contact
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