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VEGABAR 52 pressure transmitter is particularly suitable for monitoring the gas pressure in product tanks.
` Sapphire ceramic CERTEC cell can withstand over 60 times overpressure, corrosion, abrasion, and high/low temperatures
Modular PLICSCOM communication head allows for local display, calibration, or troubleshooting

Hydrostatic level measurement sensors use the static head pressure created by the measured liquid to indicate product level. Designed to measure pressure or level applications, VEGABAR 52 provides reliable measurement in a variety of mounting configurations and systems. The sensors uses the CERTEC ceramic cell which provides superior abrasion resistance, long term stability, and measurement using no fill fluid. The sensors connect to a vessel through a wide variety of process connections. The liquid applies pressure to the measuring cell. The deflection of the measuring cell is proportional to the change in pressure which is reflected in a mA output signal.


• No fill fluid
• 2-wire/loop powered, 4-20ma/HART, Foundation Fieldbus, or Profibus PA
• Multiple mounting configurations
• Sanitary connections
• Easy configuration
• Enhanced chemical resistance
• Retrofits to most existing pressure measurement connections
• Sapphire ceramic CERTEC cell can take far greater overload pressure and retain its elasticity better than competing metal diagphram pressure cells
VEGABAR 52 Tank Level Indicator PDF
VEGABAR 52 Tank Level Indicator PDF
ABS Approval PDF
VEGABAR 52 Operation Instructions PDF
VEGABAR-series Tank Level Gauges PDF
PACTware Operating Manual PDF
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