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Water in Oil Monitor Fuel Quality Content Monitor based on light scattering technology
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Fuel Quality Content Monitor
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The FuelSentry™ Fuel Quality Content Monitor was designed as an in-line, real-time instrument that has the ability to detect free water or sediment in JP-5 or DFM fuel lines before it can reach and catastrophically destroy an aviation asset. The sensor continuously shoots a laser beam directed across a fuel pipe. Contaminants in the fuel (water or sediment) scatters the laser beam light. The angle and intensity of the scattered light correlates to the type and concentration of contaminants.

FuelSentry™ has high water/sediment alarms that can automatically shut off fuel operations if a high water/sediment condition is detected within 1 second. In NAVSEA testing, the instrument has consistently exceeded Navy fuel content specifications. Instruments can be configured to whatever pipe size diameter is necessary. A Navy mil-spec unit is currently completing final testing. Commercial units of the instrument are currently in production for the USCG and MSC.

FuelSentry™ is a key component in preventing contaminated aviation fuel from ever entering an aircraft engine and catastrophically damaging it. The FuelSentry™ can potentially replace the labor intensive fuel sampling on board Aircraft Carriers with a real time, in-line device to monitor the level of contaminants in fuel. The FuelSentry™ is a modular device that uses laser light scattering to detect, recognize and measure the presence of free water and sediment in aviation fuel. A prototype device has completed testing on Navy Aircraft Carriers and is now ready for production. Throughout the process of technical and operational evaluation, the Fuel Quality Content Monitor has consistently exceeded Navy fuel quality specifications.
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