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VEGASWING 61 uses a standard length vibrating tuning fork for point level detection
` When the VEGASWING fork is covered by fluid, the frequency of the forks vibration changes, which can be detected and transmitted as a switching command
Easily swappable electronics mounts in the head with two screws and can be configured for integration into any measurement system

Operating on a principle of Piezo vibration, the VEGASWING vibrates the fork at the end of the sensor. When the fork is covered by product, the frequency of the forks vibration changes. The VEGASWING 61 detects this change and triggers a switching command. In order to prevent overfilling of the ballast tanks, the pumps or blowers have to be switched off quickly. The VEGASWING 61 vibrating level switch is a wear- and maintenance-free sensor and is the ideal solution for adjustment-free level detection in the ballast tanks. The VEGASWING 61 can also be used where high or low level detection of liquids is required, including such applications as towers, sumps, tanks and pipes.


• Small size sensing fork with insertion length of 1.57” allows for use in almost any liquid level application
• Operates in high temperatures, up to 482 degrees Fahrenheit
• Durable with a variety of materials, which results in reliable measurements in the most arduous process conditions
• Mechanically fastened crystals ensure a rugged and effective Piezo Drive
• Fully modular plics® design with plug-in electronics can be easily changed to provide different output signals, making installation and wiring a breeze
• Variety of available outputs meets all needs for input into many control systems
• Two-wire, loop-powered option affords the most cost-effective wiring solution
VEGASWING 61 Point Level Switch PDF
VEGASWING 61 Point Level Switch PDF
ABS Approval PDF
VEGASWING 61 Operation Instructions PDF
VEGASWING-series Point Level Gauges PDF
PACTware Operation Manual PDF
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