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  NAG Marine Sells and Services Advanced Products for Shipboard Fluid Systems

For over a decade, NAG Marine has focused on the sales, service, and installation of advanced products for shipboard fluid systems. Our staff of marine engineers and operators have practical, deck-plate experience on the simplest and most cost-effective product solutions for various fluid applications.

NAG Marine is the exclusive commercial marine sales representative of the Ohmart/VEGA line of radar tank level indicators. The reliablity and precision of these industry-leading instruments have made them the sensor of choice for numerous commercial fleets, as well as the United States Navy.

NAG Marine is also the exclusive U.S. sales and service representative of RWO Marine Water Technology. RWO covers all shipboard water treatment applications including seawater desalination, fresh water, process water, feed water, and waste water. RWO's IMO MEPC.107(49) Oily Water Separator is the best selling OWS line in the world and can be found installed in the world's largest commercial fleets.

NAG Marine also exclusively sells and services oil content monitors / 15 ppm bilge alarms from Turner Designs. These oil in water monitors utilize UV Fluorescence detection technology and are the only instruments on the market that can reliably determine oil content before the oily water separator discharges to the sea. Click on our product categories to learn more.
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