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Pressure Tank Level Indicators

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BAR 14

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BAR 52

Pressure TLI

Pressure TLI

Pressure TLI

Small, compact pressure TLI ideal for gases, vapors and liquids.

Cost-effective, small
pressure TLI ideal for gases, vapors, and liquids.

Specifically suitable for monitoring gas pressure.

BAR 65

BAR 66


Pressure TLI

Pressure TLI

Suspended Pressure Monitor

Perfect for monitoring any type of liquid in any type of tank.

Submersible pressure transmitter with CERTEC® measuring cell.

Suspended pressure monitor for deep tanks and wells.


About Pressure Tank Level Indicators

VEGA offers systems to measure both process pressure and hydrostatic level. With the unique CERTEC® ceramic cell, this series of instruments provides reliable measurement in a variety of mounting configurations and systems.

Trusted Technology. Proven Expertise.



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