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NAG Marine

Welcome to NAG Marine

NAG Marine sells, services, designs, and installs the following products for shipboard applications:

Radar Tank Level Indicators

Oily Water Separators

Oil Content Monitors

Ballast Water Treatment

Shipboard Sewage Treatment

ABS Approved Marine Computers

Water & Fuel Content Alarms

US Navy Mil-Spec Products

  • Radar TLI

    Radar Tank Level Sensors

    Let the power of a radar pulse tell you what liquid level is in your tank - down to 3mm of accuracy! Mounted outside your tank, you'll never have to replace your tank level indicator again. With over 10,000 Ohmart/VEGA Radar tank level indicators installed in various fleets around the world, no company has more experience than NAG Marine in detecting your shipboard liquid level via Radar TLI.

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  • Oily Water Separator

    Oily Water Separators

    The world's most popular Oily Water Separator,the RWO SKIT/S-DEB oily water separator features an intelligent discharge system to ensure minimal costs for shipboard bilge oily water discharge operations. Featuring the TD-107 Fluorescence Oil Content Monitor, no company has a better technology solution than RWO for marine oily water separator operation. The RWO bilge oily water separator SKIT/S-DEB and TD-107 Oil Content Monitor are certified for IMO MEPC 107(49) regulations.

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  • TD-107 Oil Content Monitor

    Oil Content Monitors

    The TD-107 Oil Content Monitor is the world's first 5ppm or 15ppm bilge alarm oil content monitor which utilizes Fluorescence Detection Technology. Unlike current bilge alarms which use highly inaccurate "light scatter" oil estimation, the TD-107 Oil Content Monitor can directly measure oil based on the molecular principle of fluorescence.

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  • Ballast Water Treatment

    Ballast Water Treatment

    CleanBallast from RWO Marine Water Technology is one of the few Type Approved Ballast Water Treatment Systems that can reliably removes organisms, sediment, and suspended solids from a ship's ballast tanks. Ballast water treatment does not interfere with normal ballasting operations and is performed in just two simple steps.

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  • Navy Milspec Prodcuts

    Military Products

    NAG Marine supplies Mil-Spec approved products to the United States Navy, Military Sealift Command, and US Coast Guard. Product lines include fully shock qualified military flat panel computers, shock qualified radar tank level indicators, shock qualified PLCs, and more.

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  • Marine Computers

    RuggedCORE Computers

    NAG Marine sells and services a line of ABS approved flat panel displays and computers for shipboard use. This rugged line of marine monitors and computers has been modified for harsh environments and are ideal for engine room machinery control systems or bridge navigation systems.

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Radar TLI Oily Water Separator TD107 Oil Content Monitor Ballast Water Treatment Milspec Products Marine Computers

New! TD107 5.0 - The World's Only DNV Clean Design Certified 5ppm Bilge Alarm

Introducing the TD-107 5.0, the world's first and only DNV Clean Design Certified 5 ppm Oil Content Monitor. Contact us to learn more about the TD-107 5.0's Fluorescence Detection Technology and how it can help reduce the cost of your oily water separator operations.

Welcome to the internet home of NAG Marine. NAG Marine sells, services, designs, and installs advanced products for shipboard fluid operations, including radar tank level indicators, oily water separators (aka oil water separator), oil content monitors, and marine flat panel computers. Our staff of marine engineers and technicians have practical, deck-plate experience on the most cost-effective product solutions for various liquid level and bilge oily water separator applications for ships.

NAG Marine provides full life-cycle support of the products we sell. Our company can provide turn-key solutions and features an expert shipboard installation team including welders, pipefitters, electricians, and marine engineers. We also have PLC programmers, Autocad drafters, technicians, and engineers on staff for application support or oil water separator installation.

NAG Marine is the global sales and service agent of the best liquid control solutions in the marine industry. Contact us today to discuss your application.