NAG Marine Oil Content Monitors

Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments (TDHI) is the worldwide leader in the application of on-line UV Fluorescence oil discharge monitors for measuring oil in water. TDHI is in the exclusive business of making on-line instruments based in UV fluorescence detection technology. TDHI is unparalleled in fluorescence (UVF) expertise for oil discharge monitors which measure oil in water. The company has more Fluorescence monitors in service than all of their competition combined. The company maintains an in-house laboratory that is specifically utilized for bilge oil discharge monitoring. Turner Designs utilize in-house instrumentation and expertise to validate instrument performance for bilge oily waste, marine oily water separators, and oil discharge monitoring equipment worldwide.

NAG Marine has exclusive agreements to sell, service, and install
the Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments UV Fluorescence monitors to commercial marine markets in the United States. All products have been engineered for shipboard environments and have excellent operational service records in various fleets. NAG Marine's staff of engineers, technicians, and project managers work closely with our customers to help them choose, install, and maintain the most appropriate system to meet the shipboard need. NAG Marine has also developed integrated software systems for bilge alarms and Oily Water Separator oil discharge monitoring.

TD107 Oil Content Monitor
TD-107 Fluorescence Oil Content Monitor
The TD-107 Fluorescence Oil Content Monitor is a low-maintenance 15ppm bilge alarm for oily water separator applications and is fully certified for IMO Resolution MEPC 107(49). The TD107 uses fluorescence technology to detect oily waste in bilge applications. Fluorescence is unaffected by air bubbles, turbidity, particulate, or sediment. This technology allows for accurate oil in water detection that is not 'fooled' into false positive high readings by non-oil particles in the oily water separator effluent stream.

TD-1000 Turner Designs TD-1000c UV Fluorescence Steam Condensate Monitor
The field-proven TD-1000C is rugged and reliable, with the lowest maintenance in the industry. Its fluorescence sensor technology provides high accuracy and repeatibility as well as the earliest leak detection available. It comes complete and ready to be installed with a pressurized side stream from the process. It includes 316SS mounting bracket and isolation valves. The sample remains pressurized for easy return to the process or to atmospheric drain. An on-board Cell Condition Monitor alerts operations if the measurement cell requires cleaning. Includes standard alarm relays and 4-20mA output for remote monitoring.

TD 500 UV Fluorescence Oil Content Monitor TD-500D Handheld UV Fluorescence Oil in Water Monitor
TD500 featuring the least expensive, lightest, smallest, easiest to use, most accurate and most repeatable device on the market for measuring crude oil and condensates in produced water, de-salter tail water, tank bottoms, cargo heaters, or anywhere that crude oil comes in contact with water. Benefits of the handheld analyzer include 0il and grease analysis in less than 4 minutes. The handheld unit is an efficient tool for spot oil in water analysis with easy calibration with oil standards or correlation to other methods.

SeaSentry Marine Discharge Monitor SeaSentry® Marine Discharge Monitor
Resolution IMO MEPC 107(49) has given teeth to enforcement of international standards for oily water discharge. Today's maritime headlines are filled with fines of increasing frequency and severity for those ships or shipping companies that do not provide mandated records of oily water separator discharge. NAG Marine has developed the SeaSentry® Marine Discharge Monitor to provide automatic and computer controlled cataloging of all alarms and operations of the Oily Water Separator & Oil Content Monitor. GPS input allows a complete record of any oil discharge to the sea, while a networked communication system allows trends and data to be stored, transmitted, or monitored via the internet.

SpillSentry Tank Management Monitor SpillSentry® Tank Level Monitor
Tank filling operations can be long, tedious, and all too often, disastrous. Inattention or miscommunication can cause millions of dollars of damage to equipment, environment, or personnel. NAG Marine had developed the SpillSentry® Tank Level Monitor to provide automated visualization, trending, and alarms for all tank filling and emptying applications. Whether the fluid product is fuel, gas, chemicals, or dry cargo, NAG Marine's SpillSentry® monitor can provide tank fillilng trends and warn operators with audible, email, or visual warnings at customizable set points. Used in conjunction with Ohmart/Vega Tank Level Indicators.

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