NAG Marine Oil Content Monitors

The NAG Marine line of Oily Water Separators and Oil Content Monitors are manufactured by global leaders in the fields of shipboard bilge and oily water separation technologies. The oily water separator and oil content monitor are both certified by the US Coast Guard to comply with IMO MEPC 107(49).

The RWO SKIT/S-DEB Oily Water Separators and TD-107 Oil Content Monitors have been engineered for marine environments and have excellent operational service records in various commercial fleets. RWO's oily water separator units are designed to operate automatically and monitor and adjust to shipboard oily waste conditions. RWO's INTELLIGENT OWS discharge system continuously checks the water quality from the 1st stage coalescer and if it’s within mandated limits, the 2nd stage emulsion filter is bypassed. This distinctive MEPC 107(49) certified feature considerably extends the lifecycle of the 2nd stage filters. The RWO Oily Water Separator is the only device in the marine market certified with this bypass feature. With no moving parts and thoughtfully engineered materials, the SKIT/S-DEB oily water separator will provide superior performance far outlasting the expected life of the ship.. The Turner Designs TD-107 oil content monitor operates with FLUORESCENCE detection technology, which is immune to interferences from silt, iron oxide, or sediments in the bilge stream. This unique approach to oil detection in bilge water means that the oily water separator will not be "fooled" by sediments in the bilge stream, allowing the separator to properly empty the ship's oily waste holding tanks.

Oily Water Separator
RWO SKIT/S-DEB Oily Water Separator
With more than 14,000 oily water separators installed among the world's largest commercial fleets, no company is trusted more than RWO for oil water separator solutions. The RWO oily water separator system type SKIT/S-DEB is fully certified for IMO MEPC. 107(49). The SKIT/S-DEB oily water separator delivers performance well below the 15ppm IMO discharge requirement through the use of two new technologies: Intelligent Discharge Technology and Fluorescence Detection Technology.

TD-107 Oil Content Monitor TD-107 Fluorescence Oil Content Monitor
The TD-107 Fluorescence Oil Content Monitor is a non-fouling oil content monitor for detecting oil in water and is fully certified for IMO MEPC 107(49) as a 15 ppm bilge alarm. The TD-107 uses fluorescence technology to detect oil molecules in oily water separator applications. Fluorescence can detect ultra-emulsified oil molecules of less than 10 microns and is immune to air bubbles, turbidity, particulate, or sediment. Fluorescence technology allows the Oily Water Separator to be unaffected by silt or sediment, allowing the ship to pump down oily water holding tanks without being 'fooled' into recirculation by particles other than oil.

TD-107 Oil Content Monitor TD-107 5.0 DNV Clean Design Certified 5ppm Bilge Alarm
The TD-107 5.0 is certified by Det Norske Veritas (DNV) as a 5ppm Bilge Alarm for the Clean Design program. The DNV Clean Design certification goes above and beyond the requirements of IMO MEPC 107(49) in efforts to protect the ocean environment. The TD-107 5.0 is an extensions of the highly successful TD-107 Oil Content Monitor, and also features Fluorescence Detection Technology.

Ballast Water Treatment System RWO CleanBallast Ballast Water Treatment Systems
As a global leader in shipboard fluid technologies, RWO is at the forefront of meeting the IMO Discharge Standard for ballast water treatment systems. RWO’s CleanBallast! Solution is a modular design to meet various ship types and capacities. It consists of three treatment steps during ballast water uptake: 1. Advanced disc filtration to remove suspended solids, sediments and large organisms 2. Disinfection to minimize the number of viable organisms during ballasting 3. A monitor, which is operated in the effluent of the disinfection to guarantee the compliance with the IMO Discharge Standard.

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