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The RuggedCore i720 is a commercial, industrial, rugged computer workstation designed for harsh operating environments. It features a low-heat LED backlit monitor and a rugged, solid state “inner computer” powered by a powerful Intel® Core i7 CPU, 4GB of RAM, 16GB Compact Flash, and a 80GB solid state hard disk drive. RuggedCore i720 is completely sealed to IP65 rating, and is characterized by fanless, solid state components rated to 50°C (~122°F). The box-in-box design allows for efficient maintenance, repair, and logistical tracking.

High resolution screen size and versatile bulkhead mounting positions make this an ideal Human Machine Interface (HMI) Workstation. Standard configuration includes a 20.1" 1600x1200 UXGA TFT Active Matrix LCD Display, up to 8GB RAM, High Resolution Resistive Touch Screen, Intel Corei7 CPU, 16GGB Flash Drive, and 160 GB Sold State Hard Drive. A number of custom modifications are also available, including a hi-brite sunlight readable option, keyboard, and increased memory and storage capacity.

System Benefits
• Fully Sealed NEMA 4X Unit • Built-In Ethernet Redundancy
• Copper & Fiber Ethernet Capability
• Fanless, fully solid state with no moving parts
• Versatile Bulkhead Mounting
RuggedCore i720 Operator Interface Panel PDF
RuggedCore i720 Profibus
Oil & Gas/Commercial Marine Version
PDF (5Mb)
RuggedCore i720 Operator Interface Panel Contact
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RuggedCore i720 Operator Interface Panel Contact
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